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Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE Fan Experience
2 lucky HWZ members had the chance to trial experience the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE before anyone else, and they are here to share their reviews. Read one to find out what they thought about the phone.
The first thing I did upon receiving my trial set was to download all the necessary apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. I was surprised by its lightness. Weighing at 145g, it is definitely the lighter compared to my GALAXY Note 3 LTE.
I was impressed at how clear the screen was - definitely an advantage for those who are considering buying GALAXY S5 LTE.
Comments on Key Features
The back cover’s design is nice and classy.
Figure 1 Super AMOLED and a large 5.1 Inch screen   Figure 2 Matte back cover which significantly reduces fingerprint marks on the phone   Figure 3 Both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cables can be used
Next up is the most anticipated fingerprint scanner which comes with lots of instructions on how to swipe it correctly. Tip: make sure your finger is dry and that you swipe exactly the same way as you scanned your finger.
Figure 4 Once you have reached the maximum attempts, 5 times, they will ask you to key in the alternate password instead
Figure 5 The different ways you can choose to unlock your phone
There is also a private mode which
is useful for storing personal
information that only you
can view.
  Another key function of the
GALAXY S5 LTE is the S health.
  The heart rate sensor allows you
to measure your heart rate
at any time. However, you are
not allowed to talk or
move about while measuring.
Instructions on how to get your heart rate measure is extremely clear.

Figure 6 When heart rate is successfully measured
The pedometer measures the number of steps you take daily, and calculates the amount of calories burnt in a day - good for those who wants to keep their health in check.
Figure 7 You can set goals and once you achieved it, there will be
medals awarded to you - a great way to motivate yourself to
reach the goals that you set.
  Figure 8 Overall calories burnt. To see if you
achieve the number of calories you wanted
to burn that day
The Ultra Power Saving Mode is one of the special features in GALAXY S5 LTE that is not available in other Samsung smartphones. It prolongs your phone battery by limiting the apps you can use. Of course, basic functions such as calling and messaging are still available.
Figure 9 With battery life at 97%, it can
last 12.1 days using ultra-saving mode.
  Figure 10 You can even customise the apps that
you want to use in the Ultra Power Saving Mode!

Another good feature of the GALAXY S5 LTE is the Advanced Camera. With its 16MP rear camera and Real Time HDR function, everything it captures is extremely sharp and clear.

Figure 11 Taken with GALAXY Note 3 LTE 13MP camera   Figure 12 Taken with GALAXY S5 LTE
16MP camera without HDR
  Figure 13 Taken with GALAXY S5 LTE 16MP camera with HDR. You can see the
huge difference in the photo quality!
Testing out the Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear Fit.
Figure 14 Design of Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear Fit
Design wise, I prefer the Samsung Gear Fit with its curved SUPER AMOLED touch screen display though
both gadgets’ functions are similar.
The charging point for both the watches can be detached but it’s quite small size so if you’re careless like me, it can be misplaced easily. It would be better if the charging point is together with the watch. The standalone music player allows you to listen to music from the watch itself. However, the maximum volume is 15 which is a little soft if you are jogging in a noisy surrounding; so using the Bluetooth earpiece is better.
It also has S health functions so if you want to go for a run, you don’t have to bring your phone if it is too troublesome.
Figure 15 Data shown after a run, such as calories burnt, average heart rate etc

Figure 16 Instant notifications allow you to answer or
reject calls using the watch
I was sceptical about the water-resistant function at first, but after taking it with me for a swim,
I am definitely confident of its capability.
Figure 17 Photo taken under water
To conclude, the GALAXY S5 LTE is definitely a great buy due to its many unique functions. Hope this review helps
for your reference in buying GALAXY S5 LTE!