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Thank you to all who have participated in the trial and those who had casted their votes.
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HT-F9750W Samsung Blu-ray
Home Theatre System

First of all, I would like to thank Hardwarezone and Samsung for selecting me to be one of the reviewers for this Samsung Home AV Trial User contest. This final testimonial sums up the whole two weeks of my experience using the Samsung Home Entertainment System HT-F9750W.

Final Words & Conclusions

Honestly speaking, after two weeks of daily usage I kind of enjoyed the whole experience and was even playing around with it until 2AM in the morning on some days! From unboxing the 45.1 kg package, surprises from the loud sound when performing Sound Calibration to finding out more details about Vacuum Tube and Gallium Nitride Amp usage in Sound Reproduction leaves a pleasant experience for me with new knowledge acquired after the review.

The listening and viewing experience were definitely the highlights of this review - true high definition content being reproduced and delivered in a high quality home theatre set that boasts some of the world's first in audio playback as well as outstanding visual reproduction that is future proof (4K upscale ready).

The apps and other key features such as SMART Hub, All Share, Screen Mirroring, All Content, Wireless Speakers and TV Sound ON are some of the features that make the set even more complete as a Home Entertainment System. An intuitive user interface to navigate these features with a few clicks makes the navigation easy and fuss free.

From the design and aesthetics perspective, the set portrays itself as modern and sophisticated. Silver and Black will match many, if not all, living rooms’ theme as well as other electronic devices. The plastic is of high grade and the metals are solid making it look sturdy and classy. The highlight of the set, as I mentioned previously, is the orange glowing tube that warms both the sound and the environment surrounding it.

My final words? The set really impressed and WOW-ed me for the past two weeks. It redefined my home entertainment experience to a new level and I’m excited to invite my friends to come over and enjoy it together. Though the price is rather steep at SGD $1,999.00, the set is still worth the cost with all the features and quality of materials it is built with. If one is in need of a home theatre system that is truly able to deliver Great Sound Quality, Visual Display with the latest connectivity and Apps & Contents for everyone in the house, the HT-F9750W Samsung Blu-ray Home Theatre System is the one. I will recommend it to my family and friends! =)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review the set. If you have further questions that need any clarification, please don’t hesitate to call/email me.

Improvement and Enhancements

Manuals: One page A3 or A2 Quick Guide containing: List of components, Quick Setup, Key Features, Do & Don’ts, Technical Support Contact.

Unboxing: A page listing down all items within the box to help users count and match up what’s inside the box to ensure nothing is missing.

Connectivity: Two HDMI input might not be enough as more equipments are using HDMI as output. But the complete wireless connectivity (Bluetooth, Wifi, DLNA) could be the reason why the HDMI input is limited to two only.

Remote Control: Subtitle and FM Tuner buttons can be added

Video on Hub: Increase the library collection to include blockbusters and kids collection as this is the main target audience of the Video Hub. Price can be improved as well.

Typo on Sound Effect: On SFE mode, one of the options says philhamonic, should be philharmonic. Maybe this can be fixed on the next firmware update. :)

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  1. All opinions, conclusions and other information contained in the testimonial represents the view of the individual author, and are not given, controlled, verified or endorsed by SPH or Samsung.
  2. The testimonial was written as part of a campaign whereby members of the public were invited to try out the Samsung product and submit their reviews on the product for a chance to win the product.

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